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Nicholas Andreas Vrenios

Student - Syracuse University

Nicholas (Nick) Andreas Vrenios was a Washington D.C. native and a junior majoring in photography at Syracuse University. His dream was to be a professional photographer; his hero was Ansel Adams, the renowned nature photographer. Tim Slaughter, one of Nick's London, England, roommates, recalls how Ni...

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September 24, 2023

Enthusiastically Gravitating

Posted by Darrell Ames

Those who seek and exude curiosity shall never fear, Nick’s life was bright energy.
His dream to be a professional photographer, he captured...

April 26, 2023


Posted by Elizabeth Vrenios


Sometimes a grief steps out of the woods
arriving just as evening begins

I have no words to ward it off
nothing ...

He Does Not Deserve Black

Posted by Elizabeth Vrenios

He Does Not Deserve Black
Con simpatico

I wear scarlet to his funeral,
a beautiful floor-length affair
with dancing sleev...

After the Crash,

Posted by Elizabeth Vrenios

After the crash,

we passed you silently
from hand to hand.
We remembered you in the sop
of the bread,
in the cool g...


Posted by Elizabeth Vrenios

Andante gracioso

My hands, heavy as prayers
divide the yolks from the whites,
the stirring spoon, a silver sigh...

August 1, 2022

Grief at Full Moon

Posted by Elizabeth Vrenios

I want to tell you how I walked tonight
on the luminous street beneath your window.

I want to tell you how the whiskering leaves

Death splits the air

Posted by Elizabeth Vrenios


like lightning
opens the sky sometimes.

It has found its secret place
under my tongue.

It has rendered the...


Posted by Elizabeth Vrenios

It took me a long time to climb/the stairs/ of the attic/ each step /over and over/stretched/ into a black landscape/a long staircase/ In my dream...

Sealed Casket

Posted by Elizabeth Vrenios

Some caskets were picked up by relatives in areas of airports normally reserved for livestock, those bodies difficult to identify, in sealed caske...

Capital and Lisianthus for Pan Am

Posted by Elizabeth Vrenios


An exhibit of photographer Taryn Simon’s recreated floral centerpieces was displayed to underscore how the stagecraft of political ...


Posted by Elizabeth Vrenios

in your room, where I want to rest,
I lean against the sill

find my hands
and am able again to see you

clear eyed and sm...


Posted by Elizabeth Vrenios

A gift from the people of Scotland, the cairn in Arlington Cemetery is made of 270 blocks of red sandstone quarried from Lockerbie in memory of th...

Still Flying over Lockerbie

Posted by Elizabeth Vrenios

This is not the spot where the plane
plumaged from the sky to a hole in the ground.
Nor did I ever hear bagpipes in the Scottish villa...

Yesterday’s Sand

Posted by Elizabeth Vrenios


You sit stunned thinking of the past
The past that was only moments ago
Before they said the plane crashed

January 1, 2021

Early morning in Bethesda

Posted by Elizabeth Vrenios


and still the mist condenses to drip down
the window as if by some collective will. The day fringed with down, not yet

January 1, 2018

Special Delivery

Posted by Elizabeth Vrenios

January 1, 2017

Literary Librarian - An Interview with Poet Elizabeth Kirkpatrick Vrenios

Posted by Foundation Staff

January 1, 2000

On Eagles’ Wings - 270 Victim Remembrance Book p.261 - 2000 Edition

Posted by Foundation Staff

January 1, 1990

On Eagles’ Wings - 270 Victim Remembrance Book p.250 - 1990 Edition

Posted by Foundation Staff

January 1, 1988

Memorial Pin Pan Am Flight 103

Posted by Foundation Staff

Your story is our history

Give voice to your unique story about how the December 21, 1988, terrorist attack against America impacted your life. Preserve your memories and legacy by helping to create the most extensive curated digital library of personal Pan Am 103 Lockerbie stories for our Historical Archives.

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