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Historical Archives: Curated Collections

We Must Codify History

December 21, 1988, holds little meaning for most people. Over three decades have passed since terrorists blew Pan Am Flight 103 out of the sky over Lockerbie, Scotland. Even now, the story of the attack remains incomplete and, in many ways, inaccurate. The Foundation is committed to telling the full story of the atrocity and correcting misconceptions surrounding it.

By constructing a comprehensive record, we hope to raise awareness of this pivotal event, which drew the U.S. into the age of modern global terrorism—and to improve aviation safety, security, and disaster crisis management. The digital Archive, with curated collections, is one of the ways we will achieve this goal. Thousands of primary records and personal accounts of events live in assorted databases and boxes around the globe. To make this material more accessible, we are creating a centralized digital archive of shared resources. We are analyzing available materials, building partnerships to facilitate information-sharing, and ramping up to a large-scale digitalization effort. The end product will be a highly user-friendly, accessible, and comprehensive digital archive. 

Help Build our Historical Archive 

To tell our story in full, we need your contributions of documents, photographs, audio, videos, and artifacts. If you have materials to contribute, are interested in learning about digitization services, or have questions, email us: info@pa103ll.org, call (305) 665-6470 or Call/Text/WhatsApp: +1 (305) 775-1071.

Archival Materials We Are Collecting


We seek to collect and digitize all printed media, including newspapers, periodicals and magazines, memorial programs and obituaries, court documents, legal records, Congressional legislative records, regulations, administration policies, presidential commission reports, international treaties, and other materials, including personal correspondence, fliers, and posters. 

Audio and Video

The archive will amass a comprehensive collection of video and audio recordings surrounding the terrorist attack, including media coverage, memorial services, anniversaries, tributes, court proceedings, meetings with dignitaries, and personal recordings. 


We welcome photos related to the bombing of Pan Am 103 that tell the stories of those in the global Pan Am 103 Lockerbie community. We are seeking images of the aftermath, response, recovery, and investigative and adjudicative efforts. We also welcome personal photographs including those of memorial services, anniversaries, tributes, and meetings with dignitaries.

Artifact Images 

The Foundation’s collection is limited to digital images of artifacts and does not include physical items. Digital images may depict recovered personal property; memorial and tribute objects; and buttons, pins, and other elements that help tell the Pan Am 103 Lockerbie story.

Participate collage

Clockwise from top: Artifact photograph of evidence; archival CIA document; Lockerbie memorial service program from January 4, 1989; news clipping from an official crown wreath laying ceremony with Queen Elizabeth and Pan Am 103 Lockerbie families.