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Help us collect our history and leave a legacy. We cannot give voice to the Pan Am 103 Lockerbie story without you. Your memories, stories, and participation are critical to telling the complete story and immortalizing those who were killed. Help ensure our digital platform is the most extensive Pan Am 103 Lockerbie archive.

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The legacy of Pan Am 103 Lockerbie lies in the memories of those who did extraordinary things in the aftermath of the attack. We welcome and encourage everyone directly affected to share your story and create your legacy in our Legacy Story platform using pictures, video, audio, documents, written and oral narratives.

Living Memorial Sample Miriam Wolfe

Immortalize a Victim

Perpetually preserve your loved-ones memory in our Living Memorial.  Add color photographs, videos, biography and written or audio remembrances and tributes to their dedicated individual page.

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Submit to Historical Archives

Contribute your treasured artifacts to get preserved and digitized into the Foundation’s encyclopedic archives. Share your documents, correspondence, photographs, or other primary resources to make our historical records permanent, accessible and complete. We are committed to telling the full story and correcting misconceptions.

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