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The Victims

No one dies unless they are forgotten. Keeping their memory alive will ensure that. The 270 victims killed in the bombing of Pan American flight 103 came from many walks of life and 21 countries and ranged from 2 months to 82 years old. Many were children and young people, with 41% being 25 years old or younger.  On board were 190 Americans. Eleven Lockerbie residents died on the ground.

Living Memorial

The Living Memorial is a dynamic interactive site honoring the 270 victims with a gallery page of full-color headshot images. Each victim has a multimedia color biographical page. We invite loved ones to upload tributes, write messages, and contribute photos, audios, videos, and other tokens of memory.

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Lockerbie: A Lesson in Humanity

Learn about the ordinary heroes whose extraordinary disaster response put this peaceful Scottish sheep-farming town on the map. With one good deed at a time, Lockerbie residents quietly turned their village into “the town that taught the world a lesson in humanity” amidst massive destruction and personal loss. Lockerbie was ground zero in the largest crime scene in United Kingdom history, covering 845 square miles. On these pages discover Lockerbie’s quintessential Scottish countryside, beautiful to behold. Explore Lockerbie’s High Street, its local customs, and its rich culture with ties to the Vikings and Romans.

Learn About Lockerbie
Lockerbie After
Lockerbie After
Arlington Cemetery Memorial Cairn

Memorial Sites & Monuments

The Memorial Cairn at Arlington National Cemetery was the first National Memorial to American victims of terrorism. We will celebrate and tell the stories of all the memorial and remembrance sites globally, whether permanent, virtual, or temporary, and of commemorative performances or events.

Memorial Dedication President Clinton Cummock Family Cairn

Remembrance Programs & Publications

To deepen public understanding of the attack and continuing impact globally, we will create the most extensive historical digital archive. We will gather and curate remembrance programs and publications, including thousands of newspapers, journals, books, images, and other bodies of work.

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Living Memorial

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