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Our ambitious goals can be achieved only through collective efforts. Help us preserve and teach the lessons of the attack to prevent history repeating itself, explore the impact of the attack on the world, collect and share the stories of its survivors, remember and honor its victims, and vigorously advocate for truth and justice.


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Activists and advocates who emerged from the attack resulted in enhanced aviation safety and security and legislation for just restitution for terror victims as well as basic assistance to victims of air disasters and terrorism. Their work protected and strengthened the rights of the American flying public. We encourage you to continue the work with the Foundation and our partner organizations like Flyers’ Rights.

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Volunteers will play an important role in achieving our ambitious goals. Opportunities to support the Foundation with your time and talents include being a part of the editorial team, assisting with research, content management, archiving and digitization, communications, and videography.

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The Dec. 21, 1988, terrorist attack, like the hijackings that preceded it, held lessons for preventing future attacks such as 9/11. It is the Foundation’s vision that these lessons are preserved and that society learns from them in order to make us less vulnerable to terrorism and safer in the air. We invite educators to work with us to share educational materials and create learning opportunities.

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