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The 1988 bombing of Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland. Second most deadly terrorist attack against America.

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The 1988 bombing of Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland. Second most deadly terrorist attack against America.

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The 1988 bombing of Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland. Second most deadly terrorist attack against America.

Exploring our history and examining its relevance today.

The Attack

Nose Cone Pan Am Flight 103

Holiday Travel, Then Terror

Four days before Christmas 1988, a U.S.-flagged Boeing 747 passenger jetliner was flying from London to New York. At 31,000 feet above Lockerbie, Scotland, a bomb exploded aboard Pan Am flight 103, scattering 259 people, its contents, and airplane debris over 845 square miles of serene countryside.

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The Victims

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Real People Like You & Me

No one dies unless they are forgotten. The multimedia Living Memorial keeps alive the memory of the 270 victims killed in the bombing of Pan Am flight 103. They came from 21 countries and ranged from 2 months to 82 years old. On board were 190 Americans. Eleven Lockerbie residents died on the ground.

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Lasting Impact

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Activists & Champions for Change

Ordinary people, united by tragedy, respond with humanitarian and precedent-setting acts.  Some initiate historical changes pushing laws to improve aviation security, get terror victims restitution and enhance flyers’ rights. Their quest to bring all attackers to justice and keep flyers safe continues.

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Remembering the 270 lives lost, those who survived, and those who continue to triumph over tragedy.

Living Memorial

Lynne Hartunian
Paul Garrett
Robert McCollum
Anita Reeves
Daniel Rosenthal
Nicholas Vrenios
William Pugh
Pamela Herbert
Arthur Fondiler
Ronald Alexander
Mary O'Neil
Charles McKee
Kesha Weedon
Alexia Tsairis
James Pitt
Karen Noonan
Sean Mulroy
Jerry Avritt
Michael Buser
Raymond Wagner
Hernán Caffarone
John Mulroy
George Williams
James MacQuarrie
Julianne Kelly
Glen Bouckley

No one dies unless they are forgotten

The Living Memorial is a dynamic site remembering each of the 270 victims with a gallery page of color headshots and a biographical page. Loved ones are invited to help keep their memories alive by writing tributes or uploading photos, audios, videos, or other tokens of memory. Read about flyers like you.

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Legacy Story Project

Lockerbie Firefighter

Stories of love, courage, and hope

Hear firsthand stories by ordinary people united by tragedy. Learn about the humanitarian acts and sacrifices by local heroes, survivors, and first responders. See the ongoing efforts of accidental activists to keep flyers safe, to seek the truth, and to bring all terrorists to justice.

Share Your Story

Your story is our history

Give voice to your unique story about how the December 21, 1988, terrorist attack against America impacted your life. Preserve your memories and legacy by helping to create the most extensive curated digital library of personal Pan Am 103 Lockerbie stories for our Historical Archives.

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