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Melina Kristina Hudson

Student- Exeter School

Melina Kristina Hudson of Albany, New York, was returning home for the holidays after a semester at the Exeter School, Exeter, England, through an exchange agreement with her high school back home, the Albany Academy for Girls. She was the first American girl to attend the Exeter School. Only 16, Meli...

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July 19, 2020

Thoughts on Melina Hudson by Stephen Hudson (Brother)

Posted by Stephen Hudson

When the bombing of Pan Am 103 happened on December 21, 1988 it changed our family’s life as we knew it. This was our personal Twin Towers, Pearl...

July 8, 2020

Tribute from brother Paul Joseph Hudson

Posted by Paul Hudson

To Melina:
You will forever be the beautiful, smart, tenacious role model and older sister that I grew up idolizing.

I miss you and ...

Tribute David Hudson, brother

Posted by David Hudson

When Melina left for the airport, never did I imagine it would be the last time I would see her, remembering everyone saying their goodbyes and wa...

December 21, 2013

25th anniversary CBS News 2013

Posted by Paul Hudson

January 1, 2000

On Eagles’ Wings - 270 Victim Remembrance Book p.130 - 2000 Edition

Posted by Foundation Staff

January 1, 1990

On Eagles’ Wings - 270 Victim Remembrance Book p.119 - 1990 Edition

Posted by Foundation Staff

January 1, 1989

Painting of Melina made after her passing

Posted by Donna Hudson

January 1, 1988

Melina Hudson

Posted by Paul Hudson

January 1, 1987

Melina Hudson - Eiffel Tower

Posted by Paul Hudson

December 1, 1984

Melina loved ballet from an early age becoming an exquisite dancer..

Posted by Donna Hudson

January 1, 1984

Hudson, Family (L-R) David, Eleanor, Paul, Paul Joseph, Melina and Stephen

Posted by Paul Hudson

January 1, 1982

Hudson, Melina with brothers Stephen and Paul Joseph

Posted by Paul Hudson

The Hudson family, Melina, Paul, baby Paul Joseph, Eleanor, David and Stephen

Posted by Foundation Staff

Your story is our history

Give voice to your unique story about how the December 21, 1988, terrorist attack against America impacted your life. Preserve your memories and legacy by helping to create the most extensive curated digital library of personal Pan Am 103 Lockerbie stories for our Historical Archives.

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