What We Accomplished Together

Revealing the Faces and Stories of the 270 Pan Am Flight 103 Lockerbie Terrorism Victims

PA103LLF presents We Remember banners at Syracuse Remebrance Week

Syracuse University Remembrance Week
Front Row L-R:
 Victoria Cummock PA103LL, Paul Hudson PA103LL
Back Row L-R: Alice Bernard – SU’85-PA103LL, Donna Hudson, Joaquin Da Silva PA103LL, Lori Carnochan PA103LL, Janice Muller PA103LL, Ian McLatchie PA103LL

On December 21, 1988, four days before Christmas, a U.S. flagged commercial passenger jetliner, flying from London to New York, exploded at 31,000 feet, scattering remains of 259 people and the Boeing 747 over 845 square miles. Neighborhoods in Lockerbie, Scotland, were set ablaze, killing 11 people on the ground. 

The bombing of Pan American Flight 103 remains the second most deadly terrorist attack against the U.S. and the deadliest terrorist attack and air disaster in the UK. Murdered in the attack were 270 people from 21 countries. Each lived with the hope and promise of what the coming holidays and future could bring. Instead, they were torn away from their loved ones in a preventable and senseless act of terrorism.
After 35 years, the victims' families stalwart activism and quest for accountability and justice pressured U.S. authorities to arrest their 1st suspect in December 2022. Alleged Libyan bomb-maker Mas'ud Kheir Al-Marimi is currently awaiting trial in DC. 

With the help of those who share our mission to commemorate and educate about this terrorist attack, the PA103LL Foundation has digitized and archived thousands of primary source documents from around the world and put a face and story to nearly all of the 270 victims.

We have exponentially increased visitor traffic to Tundergarth Remembrance Room in Lockerbie and continue to provide essential support to maintain the space as a place of tribute and education. Our unique, globally accessible, virtual Living Memorial contains 270 individual profile pages where visitors are invited to learn about the victims and to upload tributes, artifacts, and other tokens of memory. 

Every memory shared, every story told, and every artifact saved helps us fulfill our mission. 

Here’s what we accomplished this past year to commemorate, educate, and help new generations understand the loss, the aftermath, and the lessons of this attack.

For the first time in 35 years, the only collection of victim color photographs, curated by the Foundation, was unveiled on six banners. 

We Remember banners
December 21, 2023

To mark the 35th anniversary of the attack, victims banners were displayed to the public in front of the White House.

PA103LL Foundation Members presenting We Remember Banners in front of White House

L–R: Pan Am 103 Lockerbie Legacy Foundation: Lynn Martenstein, Victoria Cummock, Janice Muller, Joaquin Da Silva

Following the morning banner display in front of the White House, Pres. Joe Biden issued his 1st statement to date marking the 2nd deadliest terrorist attack against America.

President Joe Biden's Statement on the 35th Anniversary of the Bombing of Pan Am Flight 103

After decades of memorial services at Arlington National Cemetery where previously attendees could only see victims’ names etched on the Memorial Cairn, generations of family members, government officials, the media, and all others in attendance were able to see the faces of the people they were honoring.

PA103LLF presents We Remember banners at Arlington National Cemetery

LEFT: L-R: Norman Hudson Taylor, Janice Muller PA103LL, Lynn Martenstein PA103LL, Victoria Cummock PA103LL, Diana Hudson Taylor, Agha

RIGHT: The Right Honorable Lord Advocate Dorothy Bain and Victoria Cummock CEO PA103LL

RIGHT: The Right Honorable Lord Advocate Dorothy Bain and Victoria Cummock CEO PA103LL

October 2023

At Syracuse University’s Remembrance Week, the Foundation honored the victims by presenting the banners to Syracuse University's VP, Steven Bennett, contributing a set of the banners to the Syracuse University Pan Am 103 / Lockerbie Air Disaster Archives, and laying a wreath with flags representing the 21 victims’ nations.

A complete set of "Time for Justice" victims banners were presented to the FBI, the Scottish Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal and Police Scotland, and are now on display at the Police Museum in Dumfries, Scotland. The banners take pride of place among the many other items dedicated to the attack and can be seen by serving police officers and members of the public alike.

Scottish Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal

PA103LL Foundation presents Time for Justice Banners to Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service

Left-Right: Joaquin Da Silva PA103LL, Janice Muller PA103LL, Victoria Cummock PA103LL, Faye Cook Crown Office, Ruth Charteris Crown Office Solicitor General, Lindsey Miller Crown Office, Alice Bernard SU’85, PA103LL, Lori Carnochan PA103LL

Police Scotland


Left-Right: Paul Hudson PA103LL, Joaquin Da Silva PA103LL, Alice Bernard SU’85, PA103LL, Janice Muller PA103LL, Victoria Cummock PA103LL, Malcolm Graham Deputy Chief Constable Police Scotland, Paul Grainger Police Scotland, Stuart Cossar Police Scotland, Lori Carnochan PA103LL

U.S. Department of Justice

Victim banners were presented to the U.S. Department of Justice Prosecution team and now hang in Washington, D.C., on the walls of the trial prep-evidence room as an official victim’s impact statement.

PA103LLF presents banners to DOJ

L–R: Victoria Cummock PA103LL, Paul Hudson PA103LL, Donna Hudson, Joaquin Da Silva PA103LL, Janice Muller PA103LL

Terrorist Trial Tracker

The 270 color photos are of historic significance for the ongoing criminal proceedings of alleged Libyan bomb-maker Mas'ud Kheir al-Marimi

Abu Agila Mohammad Mas'ud Kheir al-Marimi

May 2023

"We Remember" victims banners were unveiled in Lockerbie for the Syracuse University Hendricks Chapel Choir performance. The photo gallery can now be seen in Lockerbie at the Tundergarth Remembrance Room alongside computers where visitors can read about each victim in the Living Memorial.

Six banners with the victim's photographs hung on the walls of Tundergarth Memorial Room

Continuing our work to preserve the history of the bombing of Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland

Aerial view of Tundergarth iconic sites

The PA103LL Memorial Museum Panel members are currently developing plans to create a place of pilgrimage dedicated to telling the story of the December 21,1988 terrorist attack.

Within the three Tundergarth iconic structures, across the road from where the Pan Am flight 103 nosecone crashed, will be permanent places of commemoration, education, contemplation, and inspiration. 

We are continuing to build working relationships with key stakeholders and a wealth of organizations across Lockerbie and the south of Scotland.

Our partnership with Tundergarth Kirks Trust and our ambitious plans are generating real excitement and support from representatives across both the private and public sectors.

PA103LLF Memorial Museum Concept Design

1771 Auld Kirk Ruin Rehabilitation

Tell the history of the deadliest terrorist attack on UK soil, the 2nd deadliest attack against America, and largest crime scene in history. 

Educate and raise awareness about the impact and ongoing relevance of the attack to current and new generations.

Commemorate and tell the story of the aftermath and of the families' 35+ years quest for truth, accountability and justice. Create spaces to learn about the thousands of people impacted, including survivors, families, and responders; Tell stories of loss, inspirational courage, and sacrifice. 

The Remembrance Room at Tundergarth

The Remembrance Room
A gallery of 270 color 8x10 victims’ portraits and computer touch screens where visitors can learn about and/or pay tribute in the individual pages of the Living Memorial site.

Visitor at 911 Memorial and Museum Wall of Faces
Visitor at 911 Memorial and Museum
Tundergarth Church Exterior

Tundergarth Church
A community venue for multi-denominational religious worship, celebrations, cultural events, concerts, educational talks and quiet contemplation.

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