Award Winning Broadcast Journalist Lori Carnochan Joins PA103LL Foundation

Lockerbie resident and former ITV Border journalist steps into a new role as the Foundation's UK-Lockerbie Project Manager

Lori Carnochan outside Pan Am 103 Memorial Room

Lori Carnochan stands outside the Pan Am 103 Remembrance Room. Photo by Phil Rigby.

After more than a decade working for ITV Border, award-winning broadcast journalist Lori Carnochan has joined the Pan Am 103 Lockerbie Legacy Foundation. Lori’s career has taken her from digital curator, to reporter, presenter and producer, working across both news and current affairs program. Born and raised in Dumfries and Galloway, and now a Lockerbie resident, Lori has a wealth of contacts across the region and has built a strong reputation as a trusted professional and journalist.

During her time working with ITV’s Border Life program, Lori worked on the ‘Lockerbie 30th anniversary special, which featured Victoria Cummock’s local community support, and won Gold for Factual Program of the Year at the ITV Awards. She has also reported on numerous stories relating not just to the air disaster itself, but the many inspiring, positive and community-led stories which "tell the tale of the wonderful town Lockerbie," 

Lori has taken on the role of UK-Lockerbie Project Manager, and is helping research to tell the stories of those impacted and of Lockerbie—the town that taught the world a lesson in humanity. She will develop a Lockerbie iconic sites travel and events guide.

Her work includes interviewing members of the local community and assisting them to tell their stories and preserve their memories of the attack and its aftermath. This will create the most extensive curated multimedia library of personal PA103 Lockerbie stories for the Foundation’s digital Historical Archives and website.

Lori is also helping locals to add photos, tributes and other tokens of memory to the digital Living Memorial, and is the liaison between the Foundation and local community organizations, media, and partners including the Tundergarth Kirks Trust. The Foundation will be working closely with the Trust to develop a site enhancement, restoration and development plan to create a year-round experience for visitors to learn about Lockerbie and the tragedy of 21 December 1988. The 1575 Auld Celtic Kirk Ruin will be renovated to include a columbarium and an exhibition for human dignity, courage, sacrifice, and contemplation.

With Lori's leadership, the Tundergarth Pan Am 103 Memorial Room has been expanded to contain a gallery display of the 270 victims color portrait photographs. Six victims banners present a true cross-section of humanity, ages two months to 82 years, from 21 nations, spanning the spectrum of ethnicities, socioeconomic sectors, and faith traditions. 

Two computers display the expansive Pan Am 103 Lockerbie Legacy Living Memorial digital photo gallery and 270 intimate multimedia profile pages containing personal photographs and recorded remembrances left by family members, friends, and former colleagues. Visitors are able to write tributes in the digital guest book, and victims’ loved ones are invited to upload tributes, write messages, and contribute photos, audios, videos, and other tokens of memory.

Lori says: “I am incredibly excited to be joining the Pan Am 103 Lockerbie Legacy Foundation. This is a fantastic opportunity to build upon the PA103LL Foundation’s impressive work to honor those who perished in the disaster, ensuring their stories are never forgotten. As a resident of the town, it’s a story close to my heart and I want to ensure we do right by the victims and their families, by painting the whole picture of not just what happened to Lockerbie in 1988, but what the town stands for in 2023.

It is a wonderful place, full of warm and welcoming people, with a rich history and a community spirit you’d find hard to beat anywhere else. It’s a place that so many people love to call home.”

Lori has already made great strides advancing the Foundation's goal of sharing the stories of the Lockerbie community. The Foundation is thrilled to have her on board.

Lori in Lockerbie Town Center

Lori in Lockerbie Town Center. Photo by Phil Rigby.

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