Al-Megrahi's Original UK Murder Conviction Stands

Al-Megrahi Appeal Process Has Ended. Supreme Court of United Kingdom Denies Permission to Appeal Original Conviction for Murder

Supreme Court of United Kingdom Decision Letter

Decision of the UK Supreme Court in Al Megrahi (Appellant) v Her Majesty's Advocate and another (Respondents) (Scotland)


14 JULY 2022

UKSC 2021/0091


Lord Hodge Lord Sales Lady Rose

Al Megrahi (Appellant) v
Her Majesty's Advocate and another (Respondents) (Scotland)

AFTER CONSIDERATION of the applications filed on behalf of the Appellant seeking permission to appeal the interlocutor made by the High Court of Justiciary on 15 January 2021 and of the notices of objection filed by the Respondents


(1)  permission to appeal be REFUSED because the application does not raise an arguable point of law

(2)  the Appellant pay the Respondents’ costs of the application and, where the Respondents apply for costs, the costs to be awarded be assessed.

From the Accompanying Email by the Lockerbie Appeal Team

"We write to advise you that today the UK Supreme Court refused the appellants’ direct application for leave to appeal.
A copy of their brief decision is attached and the Court explained that their refusal was because the application did not disclose an arguable point of law. As set out in our email of 26 May 2022, this means that Megrahi’s original conviction for murder stands and the appeal process is at an end." 

Lockerbie Appeal Team—Crown Office, 'Decision of the UK Supreme Court in Al Megrahi (Appellant) v Her Majesty's Advocate and another (Respondents) (Scotland) UKSC 2021/0091.' Email, July 14, 2022.

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